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Educational Tours
The Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre offers free educational tours to school children in New Brunswick.  The amazing life cycle of the Atlantic salmon is explained to the children as they see the various life stages, in a full production hatchery environment.  Each season adds to the highlite of the tour, with the most excitement generated when the large adult salmon are stripped of their eggs and fertilized.  Most tours last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the age group and special attractions that may be occurring.  Please book in advance by calling (506) 622-1781.
Historical Information

The progress of fish culture in Canada.

What happened to result in a fish hatchery being built on the Miramichi river in 1873?

Samuel Wilmot decides upon the site for the future hatchery at Miramichi.

A sub-hatchery is built on the Main Southwest Miramichi to reduce travel time for the distribution of fry.

The effects that DDT had on the Miramichi watershed and the hatchery.

Who were the managers of the fish hatchery?

Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre - operated by the Miramichi Salmon Association
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